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01m 28s
composer: Albert Sardà performer: Eulàlia Solé www.albertsarda.accompositor...
07m 16s
composer: Carles Eroles performer: Toni Meler (drums) The Tam-tam produce me a strong fascinatio...
02m 10s
composer. Marcel Olm performer: Cristina Casale (piano) concert: Capella de l'Antic Hospital de Ma...
06m 34s
composer: Jordi Cervelló performers: Miguel Colom (violín) - Denis Lossev (piano) ...
01m 18s
compositora: M. Rosa Ribas intèrprets: M. Àngels Miró (soprano) - M. Rosa Riba...
03m 30s
composer: Montserrat Torras performed by: Tanglewood Music Center Performers. concert: Tanglewood ...
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